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Literatim Legal Services (Pty) Ltd offers dedicated and holistic legal and fiduciary services including professional independent Trustee services and Trust administration of Court Order Trusts and Family Business Trusts, Curatorships, estate structuring, wills, administration of deceased estates, agreements and contracts.


Legal - Trusts - Estates

Court Order Trusts

Literatim has established more than 100 (one hundred) Court Order Trusts following successful claims against the Road Accident Fund and Member of the Executive Committee responsible for Health and currently, we are the Professional Independent Trustees and fulltime administrators of numerous Court Order Trusts. 

Literatim has vested relationships with the following entities and service providers assisting them in performing fiduciary duties and delivering trust administration services:

  • Literatim has a personal and interactive relationship with the various divisions of the office of the Master of the High Court and, when needed, asks for the Master’s guidance to better administer the funds entrusted to us for the benefit of our Beneficiaries.

  • Literatim has access to an “online money manager” which is a banking platform that has no initiation fees, no bank charges and no transactional charges for third party payments. This platform provides highly competitive interest rates on their range of call accounts, fixed deposits and prime-linked notice accounts and because of the value of funds Literatim manages, these interest rates are 25 (twenty-five) basis points higher than for other clients.

  • Literatim has secured the services of the only independent Case Management company in South Africa with the objective of ensuring the correct treatment/therapy for our Beneficiaries and that our Beneficiaries’ needs are funded in the most appropriate and cost-effective setting. More specifically their services and skills include negotiating medical scheme rates with specialist medical professionals and discounted rates with hospitals.

  • Literatim has professional indemnity insurance to cover negligent acts, errors or omissions in the administration of the Trusts and has an approved facility to provide court bonds (suretyship) to the satisfaction of the Master.

  • Literatim has a long-term relationship with a Certified Financial Planner who provides informed and thoughtful financial advice to ensure the sustainability of the financial plan formulated for the funds entrusted to them. This financial advice is backed by a reliable administrative and investment consulting team who all has the objective to achieve investment goals through mandate design, asset allocation, risk management, portfolio construction, structuring and reporting. Again, because of the value of the funds Literatim manages, Trust investments placed with the assistance of the Investment Adviser enjoy preferential fees for the administration, platform and advice.

  • Literatim has secured the services of a professional Social Worker with an honours degree in Psychology to provide social services and assistance to our Beneficiaries with the purpose of formulating strategies to overcome their personal challenges and improve their psychosocial functioning. More specifically her skills include helping Beneficiaries navigate the process of recovery from their injuries through clinical counselling.

  • Literatim has procured the services of a registered Builder to attend to any renovations of immovable properties to best suit the needs of our Beneficiaries and to attend to the maintenance of these immovable properties to meet our fiduciary duties toward our Beneficiaries.

  • Literatim has enlisted the services of qualified accountants and auditors accredited by the Independent Regulatory Board of Auditors and South African Institute of Charted Accountants. These accountants and auditors assist in proper recordkeeping relating to the administration or disposal of the Trust funds and accounts to the satisfaction of the Master thereon.

Legal - Trusts - Estates

Family Business Trusts

Literatim has assisted numerous clients with the following:

  • Advice on the appropriateness of setting up trusts with due regard to the tax and other implications thereof on the clients’ estate;
  • Setting up and registration of family business trusts;
  • Advice on the continued appropriateness of existing trusts;
  • Assessment and/or audit of trust deeds;
  • Drafting and lodgement of trust maintenance documents such as amendment deeds or the change of trustees or accountant;
  • Drafting of resolutions and other documentation pertaining to trust matters;
  • Advice on the winding up of trusts;
  • Drafting and lodgement of trust deregistration documents;
  • Obtainment of certified copies of a trust deed and/or Letter of Authority;
  • Professional Trustee services and performing fiduciary duties, such as advising on legal, tax and administration matters and attending trustee meetings, relating thereto;
  • Administration of family business trusts with due regard to the trust deed;
  • Management of trust bank account with due regard to the trust deed.

Legal - Trusts - Estates

Estate Structuring Services

Literatim has assisted numerous clients with the following:

  • Personal estate structuring with focus on financial planning themes covering estates, trusts, tax, investments and business enterprises;
  • Advice on the optimal saving in estate costs like:
    • Executor’s fees;
    • Capital gains tax;
    • Estate duty;
    • Master’s fees, Funeral costs and Miscellaneous costs;
  • Advice on sufficient financial provision for client and his/her dependents during his/her lifetime;
  • Advice on sufficient financial provision for the maintenance of client’s dependents during the winding up of the client’s estate and during his/her lifetime;
  • Advice on protection of the assets in the client’s estate against the possibility of a forced sale by providing sufficient liquidity during the winding up of the estate;
  • Advice on the practical enforcement of the client’s wishes and needs as set out in his/her will;
  • Ensuring flexibility of the estate plan to ensure that future adjustment necessitated by changing financial and family needs and circumstances can be made.

Will Services

  • Advice on wills with due regard to the tax and other implications of the content thereof on the clients’ estate;
  • Drafting of wills.

Contract Drafting Services

  • Advice on and drafting of contracts and agreements such as co-operation or shareholders’ agreements, buy-and-sell agreements and antenuptial contracts.

Deceased Estate Services

  • Administration of deceased estate in the capacity of nominated executor or representative;
  • Assistance with administration of deceased estate to family member appointed as executor;
  • Advice on and assistance to the affected parties.

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