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Our Red Chair

A chair is a seat typically having four legs and a back, but for Literatim the RED chair is a reminder of our core values of DETERMINATION, RESPONSIBILITY, AUTHORITY and EASE.  We adopted these core values to align to the purpose of the Company and each member of our team is expected to act according to and take ownership of these values:

DETERMINATION (like the chair’s red colour)

At Literatim red draws attention like no other colour and it confirms our determination to deliver our services objectively and with purpose.

We are determined do the right thing even when it is difficult.

AUTHORITY (like the “seat” on a board of an organisation)

At Literatim acting with authority means that we have the moral and legal right, ability or capability to deliver our services.

When we exercise authority, we ensure that we are subject matter experts and that we have the know-how to act in the best interest of our clients.


RESPONSIBILITY (like the “chairperson” of a meeting or organisation)

At Literatim being responsible means being dependable, keeping promises and honouring our commitments. 

We deliver our services with transparency and integrity to maintain positive relationships.

EASE (like an “armchair”)

At Literatim we deliver our services with calm and ease and undertake to treat all our clients with dignity within firm boundaries.

We strive to provide our clients with peace of mind.

Literatim Legal Services

About Us

Literatim Legal Services (Pty) Ltd offers dedicated and holistic legal and fiduciary services including professional independent Trustee services and Trust administration of Court Order Trusts and Family Business Trusts, Curatorships, estate structuring, wills, administration of deceased estates, agreements and contracts.

Literatim Legal Services

Our Services

Court Order Trusts

We are Professional Independent Trustees and full-time administrators of numerous Court Order Trusts.

Estate Structuring Services

Literatim has assisted numerous clients with a range of different estate-related matters.

Deceased Estate Services

Administration of deceased estate in the capacity of nominated executor or representative and other related services.

Family Business Trusts

Literatim has assisted numerous clients with a range of different trust-related matters.

Will Services

Advice on wills with due regard to the tax and other implications of the content thereof on the clients’ estate and the drafting of wills

Contract Drafting Services

Advice on and drafting of contracts and agreements such as co-operation or shareholders’ agreements, buy-and-sell agreements and antenuptial contracts.

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